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Featured Article
A Glimpse Into Our Past
By Bonnie Mueller

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A Glimpse Into Our Past
By Bonnie Mueller

I was looking for inspiration to write an article- I told Jim that I would write about all the cars we have had……but he told me I had already done that.  Sure enough, after reading every newsletter from now till 2012 I found it - in the February 2012 newsletter. Funny, he thought it was just a year or two ago, I didn’t even remember it.  Are we getting old or what?

But, what I found going back, was that a large amount of our fantastic club-members have had so many experiences with cars, racing, and life in general!  Fun to read- You must go back and re-read our old newsletters!  They're all available online at

Things I noticed:

  1. Our entry fee for an autocross only changed $5, used to be $15 member cost, since 2001 - $20 member cost now.  You can NOT have so much fun for $20 anywhere else!!!
  2. Below I have listed some fun articles written by our diverse crowd of members and friends – check out these, but don’t stop at these.  Reread all the articles, for all the years.  In re-reading these articles and newsletters, you will gain a small glimpse into the club’s history.
  3. I need to write a “Lemons part 2, the racing.  Maybe my next article.

August 2004: “Quest for a new car body”- Tim Steck

July 2005: “What a long strange trip it’s been” – David Lumbra

August 2005: “Autocrossing- A life changing experience” – Jerry Braunberger

September 2006: “The Mueller’s at Nurburgring” – Jim Mueller

June 2007:  We were bitching about everyone’s terrible numbers and letters- and here we are 10 years later and we still have folks with difficult to see numbers and letters!   Some things don’t change.

February 2008: “A go kart day”- Kevin Cruz

December 2008: “A time to be thankful” – Jerry Braunberger

April 2009: “What can be more fun than racing?” – Cheryl Baugh

July 2010: “Lemons part 1, the build” – Bonnie Mueller

November 2010: “Resistance is futile, might as well join ‘em” – Rachal Cruz

November 20011: A secret shopper-how did we do?” Ed & Michelle Gouldsmith

September 2012: “Crossing the line, or a Girls guide to autocross” – Rae Heselbach

December 2012: “And the fun continues” – Bonnie Mueller

February 2013: “The beginning” - Bert Jacobson

November 2013: “Driving blind” – Rae Heselbach

January 2014: “A family affair” – Jerry Shultz

April 2014: “22 Seasons and counting- for #45” – Andrew Hafner

August 2014: “The view from checkpoint five” – David Lumbra:

April 2015: “The underground grand prix- Where one racer started his story” – Jeffrey Fields

March 2016: “One hell of a Fourth of July weekend” – Mike Mullikin

March 2016: “Change all of the things” – Hope Mueller

I hope you enjoy reading these, and all the past newsletters and articles as I have enjoyed them so much.  Here’s to the club; our past, our present, our future.

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