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No Car?? No Problem
By Ruben Cruz

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No Car?? No Problem
By Ruben Cruz

A couple of years ago I stopped racing the Scirocco because it just wasn't fun to drive on the street which is what I originally bought the car for. It was very competitive the way it was but I was going to have to tow it if I made any more mods and that's just cost prohibitive. Well that's not the only reason, my co drivers decided to grow up and move away. That kinda tipped me over the edge on my decision to park the Scirocco and throw some paint on it or at least start the process.

I miss my co-drivers and all the fun that went with it. I had a blast teaching him everything I knew and watching him grow into a great driver. I remember scrapping together $500 for his kart and then all the work that went into building it since it was incomplete and in boxes (Kevin did most of it). Kevin drove that kart for a few years and then started whopping on dad in the Scirocco, I soon had to watch/learn his every move so that I could hopefully beat him again. These were some of the best autocross experiences I've had to date and I think they will be hard to beat, unless I get some grandchildren that is, hint hint.

Not having a car to autocross has not stopped me from having fun. Between LeMons, ChumpCar and autocross I had plenty of seat time. This year I think I autocrossed 3 or 4 different cars in maybe 4 classes, I'm just not sure how many. I didn't even know which class I would trophy in until my name was called at the banquet. I/we are fortunate that the people in this club are so generous with their time, resources and cars. I was offered many cars but felt some were above my level of talent and some that I was just not sure of but appreciated the offers. In the end I drove what I was most familiar with, VW's. Maybe next year I'll try something with over 250hp and RWD. This might be a great way to get to know some people I don't talk to much.

I'm no stranger to sharing my car either. I like to see others have fun in my car especially if I think they can do better than I can. Years ago Tim had wrecked his car, not telling you where, but he had no ride for the day so I offered him my Scirocco. Tim seems to do well in everything he gets in and this was no exception. After that weekend many of my competitors were asking why I let him drive because he had thrown a wrench in the year end points. I responded by saying that we all need to step up our game, especially me since that was my car he beat us in. Sometimes letting your closest competitor drive your car can teach you a thing or two, especially if you get beat in your own car.

This may sound like my way to ask for a ride this year but it's not. I simply want you to know that the excuse of my car is not ready, it's broke or I don't have any tires shouldn't keep you from having fun, getting involved or supporting this great club. There are winter activities and many other events throughout the year that don't require you to have a race car to have fun. Keep an eye on the club website and Facebook page for updates.



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