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Willamette Pass 2017 Mueller Style
By Jim Mueller

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Willamette Pass 2017
Mueller Style

By Jim Mueller

Things got down to business in earnest on Tuesday when Bonnie (with some of my humble assistance) put the vinyl from Iron Cat Graphics on the cones for the weekends’ trophies.  This took most of the day, but they turned out great.   I hope you have enjoyed them this year. 

Wednesday was paperwork day.  Yes, even racing involves a lot of paperwork.  Thank God for computers.  Entry forms, novice books, membership lists, run groups lists, the list goes on.

Thursday was our day to get dirty, really dirty.  We towed the registration trailer to the site, unloaded the Billy Goat blower out and set out to clean both ends of the lot.  A large part of the lot has to be done by hand, and that fell to Bonnie, as her wheels are better than mine.  We got some much needed help from Rick Toso, the manager at the Pass, who used the bucket to get some of the deeper gravel off.  (ODOT graveled the lot for the skiers last winter.)  Anyway, after about 8 and ½ hours, we were satisfied and grabbed a quick and very welcome beer from Jerry Braunberger and Bert Jacobsen.  They had set up a while before and were already getting the site ready for parking.  We got home about 9:30 and decided not to clean the truck and load the race car until the morning.

Friday was our day to get packed up and load the race car.  First we had to clean the pickup.  We managed to acquire a large amount of parking lot dust and dirt the day before.  Then it was on to Bert's to get the timing trailer with the Jeep to haul it to the site.  About 4:30 we made it to the Pass and dropped off the race car and timing trailer.  That night we had dinner at Manley's with Lorin, Jen, Carin, and Steve.  That was a nice break. 

Saturday was race day finally.  Yea!  We bought a couple of sweatshirts on Saturday. (It is cold when you’re a mile high….)   After registration it was finally time to race, or so we thought.  I broke the motor mount on the first run of the day, and the car was done for the weekend.  Hey, I got one run in, Bonnie didn't even get that.

Let's get to the racing.   The courses both days were simple but challenging.  I didn’t see that many people get lost.  This lot dictates what you can do.  It's long and somewhat narrow, so slaloms of some sort, with turnarounds at the end. 

The result sheets tell the full story, but here are a few highlights.  In some of our larger classes, we had some great competition.  In CSP Bill Randleman triumphed over Alan Bowers, both in Miatas, by narrow margins both days. In ESP Justin Pokorny beat out several drivers, including Ron Aasted and James Owens.  All drivers were in Mustangs except Marty Scarr who had the old Corvair out for some exercise. Chris Pokorny showed up in his barn find 4 banger notchback, automatic Mustang that he just bought with the plans of making it a killer CAM car.

In STS we had the usual Basil Snyder and David Mills battle, but spoiling the party Saturday was Jeff Rundberg in his civic.  It was good to see Garrett Cogburn at the event in his Civic dominating SMF. 

SSM is always a blast to watch, as you have Sean Glaab and Tim Boedigheimer.  Both have beautiful and fast cars.  Sean in his ZO6 powered Solstice and Tim in the highly modded 'Vette.
Sean was slightly faster both days, and Tim was a cone killer on Sunday which spoiled his chances.

XP was by far our most competitive class.  Brad Moffett brought out the Sirrocco, which was co-driven by Brad, Joel Hazen and Aaron Shelton.  Aaron was the fastest of those three but they were all edged out by Doug Drouet in the superfast Jetta.

This brings us up to the ground pounding CP class.  As usual there were plenty of cones to be had.  In fact Bert Jacobson on Saturday got eleven of them, but on his last run he was clean and fast and picked up Saturdays win, over Jason Braunberger and 5 others.  On Sunday Jason returned the favor by beating Bert.  To be fair the cone count for CP appeared to be way down from previous Pass events. 

One of the most exciting things for me was the new drivers.  On the ladies side were Ashley Baker, Paula Loftin, Chailyn Swenson, Samantha Montgomery and Addie Sanders. On the men's side we had Todd Layport, and Sam Swenson.  If you watched you realized there is some good new talent here.

There were some NFT runs that were special.  Bert got to drive Marvin's ZO6, and Bonnie Mueller in Jen's RS.  They both paxed first in the NFT runs Saturday and Sunday.

The fastest vehicle this weekend was Nathan Korstad in the Shifter Kart.  With the real cars, the fastest were Marvin Wodtli in his C7 ZO6 on Saturday and Larry Nelson in the EM Brunton Stalker on Sunday. 

The fastest Paxed driver both days was Lorin Mueller in the Focus RS.  Steve Wynne was second on Saturday (again) and Ryan Leblanc was second on Sunday, both in 2015 Mustangs. 

A special thanks to all those who worked their tails off, they included Bert Jacobson and Jerry Braunberger for chairing the event, Tim and Peggy for their work in timing and scoring.  Tim was busy training new people, Russ Walters and Ryan LeBlanc, who will someday replace Tim.
Keith Olsen was seemingly everywhere helping as the new Safety Steward.  There were so many more.   Thank you. 

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