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Driving a CP Car on the Street
By Ed Gouldsmith

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Driving a CP Car on the Street
By Ed Gouldsmith

Over the years of racing our 1965 Ford Mustang GT Fastback we’ve had all sorts of comments about the car. I enjoy when a stranger comes up and starts asking questions. Some say “What are you doing racing this car? It is too collectable”. Some say “I use to have a Mustang a long time ago, or is this really a CP car?” “It’s got a SP license plate on the back. Do you drive it on the street?” I guess to answer, yes it is collectable, but it had a hard life prior to our ownership and would need a rotisserie restoration, some serious dollars and a lot of down time to do this. And yes a lot of us wish we had kept certain cars instead of letting them go. We race it in CP so I guess it’s really a CP car and yes, we drive it on the street on occasion.

Back on a nice sunny day in January, sounds strange but it was a beautiful day, we drove the car over to Corvallis from Albany, our home town for pizza. On the way back home I was having fun with the car, not going to mention exactly how. Now the Old Stang may not be the fastest CP car out there, but on the street it’s a blast to let it rip so to speak. Don’t get me wrong, I play it way safer than in my younger days! Anyways, we had been home for about five minutes. I had pulled the car in the shop and the doors were open. I was outside getting stuff out of the car and I hear another car coming down our gravel driveway at high speed. I come out of the shop to see a Sheriff SUV pulling in. Now my mind races to think where did he see me or who may have called in a complaint about my letting it rip? So I say “Hi, what’s going on” with I’m sure a very guilty look on my face. The deputy is actually acting kind of nervous, looking at the car and the shop door and garage wide open. Then he says he is checking out a silent alarm at this residence and asks me my name and would like to see some ID. Apparently when Michelle disarmed the security system something happened and it set off the silent alarm. So I ask if I can go in the house to get my wallet and I tell Michelle what is going on. We both come out of the house and after checking both of our ID’s and checking out the Mustang he says they really like the silent alarm because it’s a good chance it’s the real deal and explains that’s why he came flying down the driveway.

Well I thanked him for checking it out and he was on his way. It would not have been a good time to check my blood pressure! What a great lesson and a reminder that autocross is such a good way to get letting it rip out of my system. Maybe I’ll just stick to driving my Focus on the street. It seems to like going under 100mph.

What does CP stand for?

Awhile back all the CP drivers, friends and family were standing around in one of the car trailers having a conversation and joking around like usual. Someone said “Do you know what our class letters CP stand for?” Of course, all of us had something to say and I can’t remember all of them, but it was stuff like:
Cash Poor, Cash Problems, Cone Penalties, Crazy Person, Can’t Pylon, Course-workers Panicked, Course Physics, Car People, Crappy Performance, Camaro Pride (WHAT!), Chevy Power or Cleveland Power depending on which brand you prefer.

I will say a couple of things got thrown out there that will stay in the car trailer so to speak. Anyways, what do your class letters stand for? One piece of advice, don’t ask Dirty Bert for any ideas or help with this. You may not like his suggestions. But if you have any definitions of CP you would like to add or better yet, let’s hear from some of you about your class letters. Write an article for the newsletter or just send in your ideas. I’m sure there would be some funny stuff out there!

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