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Featured Article
50 Years of Fun with Cars
By Licia Shultz

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50 Years of Fun with Cars
By Licia Shultz

So maybe you haven’t been racing autocross for the past 50 years, but some of our club members have come pretty close!
This is a real milestone for any club. Fifty years as an autocross club, that is some pretty rare air!

We recently (in July) celebrated this milestone with a club picnic at Armitage Park on Coburg Road. It was fairly well attended with over 125 folks in attendance. We had a wonderful BBQ and every one brought amazing potluck additions. Besides good eating, there were games to play including a miniature golf course. Some folks tried their luck at a diabolical R.C. car autocross race. Also, we were treated to our fellow club member Randy Poole’s amazing stainless steel sculptures.  It was a great way to celebrate the club and it’s 50 years of dedication to autosports enthusiasts. Thanks every one for coming!

The subject of an autocross club having a 50th anniversary intrigues me, so I went on a search of other 50yr old clubs and the kinds of things they do.

First off I had a tough time finding clubs that were over 50 years old, but I did find a few. I read through their newsletters and schedules. I really enjoyed finding some great vintage photos of cars competing in many types of autocross and road racing, including ice racing, in the AMEC web site. This is the Adirondack Motor Enthusiast Club which has been around since 1956. This made me think, I bet amongst our members there must be quite a collection of vintage pictures of the earlier days of club racing events. I propose that we have a section of our website that shows our history and publish some of those pictures there.

I also found that many of these clubs, like CCSCC out of Champaign IL, have hosted a road rally much like the the one that Simon put together for us this past spring. Simon had the help of folks he has rally raced with before, and proposed that if the club was interested in doing this again we would need more volunteers from the club. It was a real blast and I hope that we can work with Simon again and host another T.D.S. Rally. Thanks Simon!

The SCCNH (1955) out of New Hampshire, takes great pride in their yearly Hill Climb. The way they talked about that event reminds me of the excitement that we see as the Larison Rock Hill Climb Event comes around every July. I know that this event isn’t for every one but those folks who do run in this event share their excitement with the rest of the club. It is something to take pride in and to support those dedicated volunteers who make it happen. And who knows you may get bit by the Hill Climb bug!

So what I found out in my search of other clubs is that we have every right to feel some well deserved pride in our EESCC Club. I am looking forward to seeing you at the Award Banquet!


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