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2017 Awards Banquet Highlights
By Bren Wamsley

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2017 Awards Banquet Highlights
By Bren Wamsley

What a fun evening we spent at Valley River Inn, Saturday, November 4th. We had 87 people of our Racing Family attend this year. It began with a Social Hour and Photo Booth.  “We Are Family” was the theme.  Ryan Wamsley and Danielle Zimmerman created an awesome play list of theme songs from family TV shows which played throughout the social and dining hour. The photo both was a huge hit.  It was skillfully designed and made by Licia Shultz and Hope Mueller with structural stability added by Jerry Shultz.  Everyone played along and we have a number of Awkward Family photos that will be posted to the website.  We had appetizers followed by a wonderful buffet and dessert table and lots of activities
Lorin Wamsley began with an introduction to the evening events. He then introduced Bert Jacobson, our MC, and his super cute sidekick, Nick Kerbs, to present trophies to our event sponsors and venues.  They were given a Nobby Tire Bowl full of M&M’s with the sponsors names preprinted on them.  Bert gave a huge thank you to all of our sponsors and venues.  Bert and Nick then awarded our outstanding drivers with soft sided collapsible coolers.  We thank Tim and Peggy Steck for all their work on these. 

Jeff Childers created and presented the IROC video and results. The top 5 drivers were: 1st Doug Drouet, 2nd Bert Jacobson, 3rd Bill Randleman, 4th Justin Pokorny, and 5th Steve Wynne.  Awesome Drivers!!  Thank you Jeff for all the time you put into the presentation.  Everyone can see this video on the EESCC facebook page and website.

Bonnie Mueller provided a synopsis of what we have provided to our community this year. Even though we had one less weekend of racing, we are still doing very well.   We have donated $1000.00 to the Oakridge Fire Department, $930.00 to Food for Lane County, $200.00 to the Candlelighters (children with cancer), $100.00 to the Guide Dogs for the Blind.  Speaking of the Oakridge Fire Department, Bonnie announced that Doug Drouet and Tony Chilton will be taking over the Larison Rock HillClimb event for 2018.  YAY and many thanks to you both.

In addition to cash donations, we adopted a new section of hwy to clean this year.  We put in 20 man hours during our August clean up.  Our next cleanup is scheduled for November 11th at 9:00 am. We compete to see who finds the funniest or grossest item and then meet and enjoy pizza and drinks afterwards on the club.  We are meeting at the old Texaco station in the Pleasant Hill area hwy 58 mile posts 1 – 3.  We would love to have more helpers.  Please consider helping us old folks.  HA HA
Bert Jacobson announced there were a number of people within our club who are deserving of the Gear of The Year Award.  It is given yearly to a club member who steps up and goes above and beyond.  This year’s recipient was Russ Walters and well deserved.  Besides his willingness to help out wherever, he has volunteered to learn timing.  Ryan LeBlanc has as well.

Next we played a game called “Most Popular Answer”, a form of family feud with each table playing against each other.  Bert Jacobson explained the rules and hosted the proceedings.   Licia Shultz partnered with Bren to determine the most popular answers submitted by each table.  The winner was table 2 (Lorin, Bren, and Ryan Wamsley, Dean and Bettina Higginson, Jeremy Bunker, and Mark and Lisa Nearing). They split $120.00 between them.  Woo Hoo the “A” Team. 

Then it was time for The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly. The “Good” was presented to Austin Hopper for the “Most Improved Driver”.  The “Bad” was presented to Randy Poole for the “Compass Award” also known as the “Cone Explorer Award”. The “Ugly” was awarded to Dirty Bert (Bert Jacobson) for the “Cone Killer Award” hitting 42 cones for the season.  The CP’s have reined over this award for years and it continues.  Bonnie also awarded a pin to Bert that reads Immaturity, it’s not just for children anymore.  So fitting!!

Many terrific door prizes were drawn throughout the evening.  Several of our sponsors donated door prizes including:   Bert Jacobson - All Rite Roofing, Lorin and Bren Wamsley - Lorin’s Home Team Real Estate Lending, Eric Hoffman – Chameleon Painting, Patty Walters – Mary Kay,Tim and Peggy Steck - TBS Consultants, DaWayne Kerbs - ALSCO, Mark Nearing – Mark Nearing Plumbing, Alex Garage - Alex’s Garage, and Lorin and Bonnie Mueller -IronCat Graphics. Dana Zimmer won the $50.00 cash prize from EESCC and Justin Pokorny the Valley River Inn’s “Bed and Breakfast Package”.  EESCC donated a number of cash prizes and autocross entries.  Also, we can give many thanks to Licia Shultz and Hope Mueller for securing many other donations throughout the community and their personal donations from Bad Hippy Racing.

We gave many thanks to Valley River Inn for hosting our event and providing such a nice door prize. I really enjoy working with Roxane Butler, Director of Catering, Valley River Inn. She is so fun and accommodates our needs in any way she can. Their servers were very attentive and welcoming to our group. I have one more bigThank You and that is to  You David Mills. He continues to provide a DVD with excellent footage of our series events which is run throughout the banquet.  I do know the editing takes a lot of hours. Much appreciated David. You’re the best!

Lorin closed by thanking everyone for making EESCC such a great club. He also thanked the Banquet Committee (Bren, Lorin, and Ryan Wamsley, Danielle Zimmerman, Licia Shultz, Hope Mueller, and Bert Jacobson), and the banquet presenters, Bonnie Mueller, Jeff Childers, Bert Jacobson, and Nick Kerbs.  

We would love to see more of you become involved in the club.  Attend our monthly club meetings at 7:00 pm, the 1st Wednesday of each month at the Sizzler on Gateway.  It’s fun to eat and chat among friends prior to the meeting.  If you would like to write a news article for the club, let me know and I’ll assign a month.

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