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By Ruben Cruz

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World of Speed Museum Tour
Saturday, February 13th
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Scavenger Hunt
Sunday, February 28th
Meet 1:00 pm sharp at the west side of the 18th and Chambers Bi-Mart
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Saturday, March 5th at Valley River Center
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IceBreaker 50
Sunday, March 6th at Valley River Center
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EESCC Wine Tour
Sunday, April 10th 11:45 am, leave at 12:15 pm
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Revival Rally
Saturday, May 14 at 1:00 pm
Willamette High School - 1801 Echo Hollow Rd, Eugene
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By Ruben Cruz

It was 9 years ago that I accepted the office of President of EESCC.  Seems like an eternity and so much has changed in that time.  Back then officer positions were a 1 year appointment but I somehow agreed to a 2 year term before the next election.

Years ago there were VW's everywhere. VW's pretty much dominated every class they were in and many placed in the top 10 for the day if they weren't already at the top.  Kids that's RAW time not PAX.  EDGE was very busy making sure cars that broke on Saturday were ready to go on Sunday morning. There were many late nights with Red Bull, Taco Bell tacos and Busch Light beer.  Remember the Busch Light door panels?  I can’t remember whose car they were on, but those were the days. Not many VW's these days and even I've parked my own VW.  Now I just bum an occasional ride in Doug Drouet’s Jetta.

One thing that I have noticed is the increase of off season non race activities.  These are a great way to introduce your spouse and friends to the club and your crazy friends. I say crazy in a loving way.  I am very grateful to those that have taken on and planned these activities.   Keep an eye on the website for the current activities, dates and any changes.  A new activity this year is a TSD rally, can hardly wait for this one.  Maybe I can get my daughter to join me.

Years ago my kids used to ride with me and they were also my pit crew.  They changed tires, helped get the car ready and loaded the car with everything that I would need.  My daughter lost interest but my son enjoyed it enough that I got him into a go-kart (Thank you Bert and EDGE for all your kart help). Then Kevin co-drove with me and finally co-drove with his girlfriend, Ivy.  My kids are now grown, married and have moved away leaving my wife and I as empty nesters barely into our 40's.  Wow, that all went way too fast.  I guess I have to wait a while so I can do it all over again with grandkids. Wish they would hurry up.

We still get together as a family but now it includes the kids and their significant others and it costs a little more because we go to LeMons races together and those require hotels and such.  My wife is now into the racing stuff where she had no interest in it back in the day.  I guess she figured it was the only way she was going to spend time with me and the kids.  My next challenge is to get them all to Larison Rock for the weekend,  and maybe get Kevin to race the hill. Mom might not allow that unless he had a car that weighs 3 tons due to the size of the roll cage she will require the car to have. I guess no under 2 minutes for Kevin. 

I've had a blast serving as your club President and I truly appreciate the help from everyone in the club whether you helped pick up garbage after the event, volunteered to work just because, or served as an officer. You have all made a difference in the club whether you realize it or not.  I'm sure that the club will continue to be great with Bert Jacobson as President and Hope Mueller as Vice President and I ask that we all continue to help where we can.  How's that go . . .  "It takes a village". It’s actually true regardless of how silly it may sound.

I have a few things I have to do this year so I'm not sure what’s in store for me, but I'll still be around from time to time to help set up and get some yummy food from Cindy Lee’s food cart of course.  I will definitely be at the TSD rally and Larison Rock and hope that you can make it.  Yes,  I'm talking about you. I plan to make a couple of events this year and maybe get a ride in that gold colored beast with Eddice Davis.  That was hands down the best ride ever by the way.  Those American iron guys sure know how to have fun.  Just see the smiles on their faces after each and every run regardless of how they finished, or if they just broke their engine/trans to bits. I think that's the attitude we should all go for.

One last thing, thank you Alicia Andrews for "saving my ass".  Alicia was actually the acting club President for a while, when I was not sure where or what I was doing.  You're awesome!!


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