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November's Monthly Meeting (11/3, 7:00 PM)
The EESCC meeting will be at Sizzler.

The EEMSP October Monthly Meeting (10/20, 6:30 PM)
EEMSP meeting will be at Bert's shop.

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Racing Toward Our Future
By Hope Mueller

Muellers and Their Hillclimbing History
By Bonnie Mueller

A Home of Our Own!
By Jerry Shultz

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Racing Toward Our Future  
By Hope Mueller

Save The Date! The 2021 Year-End Awards Banquet is fast approaching. It’s a great time to celebrate the year’s events and to commiserate with your racing family. Most of the evening is celebrating YOU!

We will be returning to Valley River Inn Saturday evening, November 6th at 6:00 pm. It will be buffet style. More Information and registration forms will be included in the September and October Newsletters. You are now able to register on-line via our website, Banquet Registration. There will be prizes including a $50.00 cash door prize. Register early to avoid a late registration fee.

You’ll be offered a final chance to enter the raffle for a full year of autocrosses in 2022 as well as a silent auction including racing-related items and more!. All proceeds are donated to the EEMSP Development Foundation.

Valley River Inn is happy to extend a rate of $129.00 per night to the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club Year End Awards Banquet attendees for a deluxe guestroom. The $129.00 per night is offered for the nights of 11/5 and 11/6 to take advantage of this special rate, call the Valley River Inn reservations line at 1-800-543-8266 or the hotel at 541-743-1000 and identify yourself as being with the Emerald Empire Sports Car Club Group. Better yet, you can click this Valley River Inn link EESCC Room Reservation and register on-line.

Reservations must be booked by October 9th 2021 to receive this rate. Booking can begin now! Changes to a reservation should be made directly with VRI’s Group Reservations Department and can be done through the same link.

It’s the best time you’ll have not behind the wheel.

Look forward to seeing you there.

Muellers and Their Hillclimbing History  
By Bonnie Mueller

If anyone has results, old records, or articles on any of these hills that I am talking about, please contact me. I would love to see them! Tim Steck put out the results of our 33rd Larison Rock Hillclimb, and I noticed that we had 18 new folks (to our hill) and many of those were new to hill climbing in general. Welcome to the craziness!! 

 Jim and I were first introduced to hill climbing at the Keno Hillclimb, outside of Klamath Falls, Oregon. Upon returning from our honeymoon in 1973, Jim was offered the chance to drive a friends’ 68 Nova at the Keno Hillclimb, and we haven’t looked back. Slowed down, but haven’t looked back. 

The Keno Hillclimb ran from 1967-1989. It was a fun and challenging FAST road, but we had to stop in 1989 when the road had deteriorated too much. All told, we drove 13+ times between 1973-1989. Some of my records are missing, so this old memory will have to suffice. We drove a 68 Nova, 72 Pinto, 72 Courier, 74 914, 76 Honda, 78 Fiesta, 82 Mustang GT, 84 Colt Turbo, 86 GLH Turbo, F 440 Red Devil, and a 68 Merlyn FF at Keno. We have a few records, but am proud of the last event, where we took King & Queen. 

Freezeout Hillclimb in Emmett, Idaho is another of our most attended hills. The hill has run from 1967 to present. We started attending in 1982 and were there most years from 82’ – 94’. We drove a F440, Colt Turbo, GLH-Turbo, Merlyn FF, Capri Turbo, and a Van Diemen FF-2. I was fortunate to be Queen a few times, again of which I am proud. They have a perpetual trophy and I guess my name is on that a time or two. We drove that hill 7+ times. Again, my records for a few years are missing. 

 Lord Ellis, was a great hillclimb, in the Coast Range of Northern California east of Arcata. Wonderfully fun and challenging, but the deteriorating access road did this hill in. It was run from 1973 -1984. We were fortunate to be there 6+ times from 1978 on. I was able to set a hill record (for my class) in my 84 Colt Turbo at the last event in Sept of 1984. We ran a Spitfire, F440, Datsun 2000, Mustang GT, Colt Turbo, and a 79 Capri Turbo. 

 Mary’s Peak Hillclimb, outside of Philomath is another that has come and gone. It ran from 1978-1992. We were there most years, if not running – working. We did run it 7 times that I can account for, and Jim and I were King & Queen a few times. Very nice, challenging road, but the tourist traffic wanting to get to the top of Mary’s peak became too much to handle and the hill was cancelled. We ran a Mustang GT, Colt Turbo, GLH-Turbo, Merlyn FF, and our Van Diemen at Mary’s Peak. 

Fish Creek Hillclimb outside of Estacada is one you probably haven’t heard of. Run in 1984 and 1989 it was on a Forest Service Road, not too much of a climb in elevation, but fun. The pig roast was something to remember! We ran both times, once in our Colt Turbo (which I managed to land upon a hay bale and set it on fire- and once in our Merlyn FF, where we ran under a downed tree and decided to upgrade our roll bars for future events.

Bogus Basin Hillclimb was located in Idaho, on the ski access road to Bogus Basin. Fun, fast road. First run in 1985. We attended that first one, driving our Colt Turbo, then again in 88-89’ with our GLH Turbo. A turbo was a definite advantage on hillclimbs, as this was quite a climb. We also drove our Merlyn FF, a Neon, and our Van Diemen until its’ demise in 1994. All told, we drove that hill 7+ times. I am not sure when the last Bogus was, or if they will ever be able to bring it back. 

Honey Lake Hillclimb, outside of Susanville, CA. ran one year, in 1986. We drove our GLH Turbo in the one event. It was replaced the next year with Bucks Lake. 

Bucks Lake Hillclimb, was near Quincy, CA. It ran one year only, 1987. We again ran our GLH-Turbo.

Hoopa Hillclimb is a gorgeous road located in Hoopa, CA on an Indian Reservation. First run in 1986 and last held in 2018 or 2019. It is actually the best road of any hillclimb I ever ran. We ran it the first year and the next three, then 1990-1994 also for a total of 7+ times for sure. We were able to snag King and Queen a time or two in our Merlyn FF and our Van Diemen. The most memorable time though, was when we drove our 1986 (new) GLH Turbo down there. We lost a tire out of our tire trailer (we were towing a tiny trailer) somewhere in I-5 on the way down, so we arrived with 3 racing tires. Decided to only run racing tires on one axle, had decent runs. BUT, then at the trophy dinner Sunday eve we unhooked our trailer to move it around in the lot and apparently, we didn’t rehook it. A few minutes after leaving and heading north on a winding road, our tire trailer passed us and we proceeded to lose it down an embankment. We were able to salvage one tire of the 3 we had left. Lessons to be learned!! 

Onion Mountain outside of Grants Pass ran from 1990-1994. We ran the hill 3 times in both our Merlyn and Van Diemen. The road was fairly rough, with a chip seal type surface that wanted to stick to our extremely sticky Avon tires. Seemed to have good grip though. Jim and I are proud of the fact that there are only 3 people in the sub-2 club and we are two of them, along with Cliff Wheeler. 

Cascade Lakes near Ashland has run from 1996 to present. We have only run it one time, the first year, in our Ralt RT-4. We were able to snag King & Queen. Unfortunately, we have never run it again. 

 Bible Creek Hillclimb began as a replacement hill to the lost Mary’s Peak. It is located on a Forest Service Road outside of Willamina, Oregon. First run in 1995, it has had an on again, off again history these last few years. We have never run that particular hill, but we were the timing crew a time or two. 

Lastly, our own beloved Larison Rock Hillclimb. Started in 1988 and just finished its’ 33rd year. We have attended all, but have not run every year. We have only run Larison Rock 17 years….. We have slowed down in recent years to where working it seems to satisfy the itch. But, after this fun year at Larison, there may be another run up it in my future. Maybe, just maybe. Twelve different hillclimbs we have run. At least 72 separate events….FUN! Bonnie Mueller

A Home of Our Own!  
By Jerry Shultz

As many of you know, our club, the EESCC, has “spun-off” a second non-profit, 501(c)(3) organization, called the Emerald Empire MotorSports Park Development Foundation. It’s well into its second year of operation, and we’re still very excited about the project’s future! 

To bring those not familiar with the project up to speed, in the final multi-phased plan we’re talking about around 150 acres of relatively flat ground with a large, paved area, a camping/RV parking area, a configurable Kart track, room for other outdoor activities like R/C and drone races, vehicle training activities, and much more. The venue will allow for other events not necessarily related to motorsports, such as farmer’s markets, swap meets, club events, large reunions, outdoor conventions, commercial specialty shows (such as “Home & Garden Shows”), and others – limited only by imagination! 

Once realized, our facility will provide availability of the venue for use by Police, Fire and Emergency Responders for training and other purposes, providing savings for local city, county and state budgets. 

In the 21st Century, in addition to traditional forms of motorsports, the sport will welcome the increasing role of electric vehicles, and other methods of propulsion are already under development such as Hydrogen Fuel Cells. We’ll see – the Future has yet to be written!

What we do know about the future is that there will be racing, it will become safer, it will be cleaner, it will be quieter, and it will still be one of the most popular sporting activities on the planet! 

Sponsored events will draw both competitors and spectators from the greater Western Oregon area and beyond. Our events at the Valley River Center routinely draw large numbers of spectators with no advertising whatsoever. Larger Regional and National events that could be held at the site will have an even greater draw. 

A quality, professionally managed venue will attract small businesses that serve and support various motorsports activities for which the facilities will be used. Examples include auto parts stores, automotive repair shops, engine builders, specialty tuning shops, coachbuilders, body shops, machine shops, lodging facilities, local restaurants, convenience stores, automotive paint shops, and more. 

Visit the EEMSP Pop-Up at our next and final 2021 event at the Valley River Center on August 28-29 for more, up to date information about what’s happening and how to support or get more involved with this exciting project!

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