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June's Monthly Meeting (6/1, 7:00 PM)
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The EEMSP May Meeting: (5/11, 6:30 PM)     
EEMSP meeting will be at Jamie Black's house.

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Racing as an Investment
By Licia Shultz

Come Drive With Us
By Simon Levear

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Racing as an Investment  
By Licia Shultz


I know that title may be a little confusing. I don’t mean it like in the traditional sense - or do I?

I have been recently evaluating my investment in the sport of AutoX. This investment has taken many forms.

I considered the type of car I wanted to race. That was a perfect investment, I of course was interested in something that was just too far out of my reach. I loved the idea of racing a VW, it just fits with my character. But the R32 or a vintage Golf wasn’t going to be attainable at this point in time. I found and fell in love with my little white GTI, she is a blast to drive! Currently there are 3 of us sharing it, which is why it often looks like I’m out on the course more than everyone else. Hope and Jamie seem to really enjoy their time in the car. But, while I am happy to share my beloved car with them, I will always be in at best 3rd place.

As a family team, Bad Hippie Racing, we have 2 other cars that we hope to get on the track sometime soon. Talk about investment! Parts, tools and engines, transmission, wire spaghetti and a hoist, yep. The girls and Jerry will be sharing the transformed 240sx. We want to get a Corvair out there as well. Aw, there you see it, a big monetary investment as well as an investment of time! Spending hours upon hours preparing a race car is a huge time investment. Once they get that 240sx out there, my class (GSL), will drop by 2! To me, it’s a worthy investment.

You always hear folks say that seat time will help you learn more about the sport and the car. I believe that is true. The more time I have spent doing this type of racing the better I get. I would probably be faster if I only raced on racetracks but the challenges of learning a new track design at every race is the challenge of AutoX.

I was recently given another way to invest in racing, AutoX school. Yep, I said it, another investment. I have mulled over this concept of going to an AutoX school where I can learn to be a better and even faster competitor. This is something I have had to struggle with. I wonder if starting out my racing fantasy at age 60 will really pay dividends? You know, I think it will. I have been blessed to have such a supportive racing community and race obsessed family and a real love of the sport myself, that the concept of investing in myself to learn to be a more skilled driver, is worthwhile.

I will be attending the Evolution High Performance Driving School this May 21-22. Our club (EESCC) is sponsoring the event at Sanderson Field, Shelton WA under the direction of Paula Loftin. I am excited and a bit intimidated, but the girls are going too, and it will be another investment in our family team. And most importantly an investment in myself.

P.S. Thanks Paula for the nudge!

Come Drive With Us  
By Simon Levear

Okay, things are looking good. We left right on time and I’ve had the speedometer needle pegged right at 42 mph since then. Things were a little exciting in the 30 mph corners, but the tires have good grip so I’m confident that I’m maintaining the called for 42mph average speed. My navigator reminds me we’re looking for Bellinger Scale Rd. Okay, what’s that road coming up. I can almost read the sign, it looks like “Belli…. Something”??? As it comes into focus it is Bellinger, but it’s only Bellinger Road and the Instruction calls for a Right at Bellinger Scale Road, so we refuse it and continue on. Check the speedo, yep, still pegged at 42 mph. a few miles later there’s another road on the horizon. Can’t read the darn road sign, gosh I wish my eyesight was what it was when I was 20. Oh well, close now, yep Bellinger Scale Road, so we make the turn and my Navigator reminds me that as we make the turn we should CAST (Change Average Speed To) 44 mph. Turn right, CAST 44 got it. Now we start looking for Left ONTO Mount Hope, but what’s that coming up? A stop sign. Oh crap, how am I supposed to average 44 mph with a stop sign? It’s about a half mile away, so I punch it to get some time “in the bank” that I know I’m going to lose by coming to the legally required stop at the stop sign. Punch it, put time in the bank, brake hard to the stop, quick look both ways, and punch it again to get back to 44 mph as quickly as possible. I still lost time with the stop so let’s do 48 for a bit until I feel like I’m back on time again.

Ding, there goes the Ap on the phone as we encounter a checkpoint and the Ap tell sus we’re 20 seconds late. Not too shabby for running by the seat of our pants. Still looking for that Left ONTO Mount Hope, what’s that sign up ahead?

And that is what you’ll experience while competing in a Time Speed Distance Rally. You’ll drive a pre-determined course by following given instructions, and while following the course you’ll maintain a given average speed. If you do that precisely, you’ll encounter checkpoints on time. For every second you’re early or late, you get a penalty point. Low score wins. All you need is a street legal vehicle, a partner, and a sense of adventure.

Come join the Emerald Empire Rally on May 21st starting at 1pm at the Sizzler on Postal Way in Springfield. The rally finished around 5pm at Roundtable Pizza in Springfield. On-line registration is required and on the EESCC website. You will also need to download the Richta Ap. More information is on the flyer on the EESCC website.

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